BeGrit 2PCS Reacher Grabber Suction Cup Grip Foldable Long Arm Reaching Claw Hand Grabber Trash Pickup Tool


  • The BeGrit Reacher Grabber can pick up many kinds of items weighing up to 5 pounds (kindly noted that it only can pick up things in light weight). Turn off switch on the handle, the object can be saved, being held or released
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Lightweight Aluminum with Ergonomic handle trigger design, the suction reacher is suitable for indoor/outdoor use. The frame is lightweight to reduce arm and hand fatigue from constant use
  • FOLDABLE: It has 32 inches, but only 17 inches after folding. Easy to carry and use
  • SECURE RUBBER SUCTION CUP TIPS: Strong rubber suction cups provide a secure grip, without damaging the surface
  • EASILY EXTEND YOUR REACH: Adding 32 inches to your reach, the suction reacher allows you to easily reach items stored on high shelves, dropped behind furniture or other tight places, and items on the ground without constant bending and twisting. Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or those recovering from surgery or injury
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  • If you’re not very tall you may have difficulty reaching items that are high up on shelves in the home or in supermarkets;
  • If you have limited movement and somethings that are out of reach;
  • If you’ve suffered from an injury or when you’ve had surgery;

— A BeGrit reacher grabber is basically an extension of your arm which allows you to reach things easier.

  • This Grabber tool is the perfect multi-purpose item for whenever you may need a helping hand.
  • Great for assisting in picking up trash, getting into tight spaces, picking up glass & many other uses.
pickup tool

  • This Gripper Pickup and Reaching Tool makes it easy to pick up any items in your home, office, garden, car or boat.
  • For people with back pain including spinal injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, knee, hip and joint pain or the elderly people.
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