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COMFORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT FOAM PADDING – Expanded foam and EVA gives the softest, thickest support for your knees while still being contoured to your knees

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Give your knees the support they need for your most comfortable gardening and scrubbing floor experience!

BeGrit’s Garden Ultra Comfortable Knee Pads provide the softest, most cushiony feel, while giving your knees protection.

Your knees take on a lot of stress when you’re working in your garden. The knees are a delicate area ?C too much pressure, and the result will be stiffness and aching. BeGrit’s Garden Knee Pads is an ideal solution for it!
The Knee pads will help you to kneel in comfort in every part of your garden or on any other surface such as cement, brick or hard earth

Materials: Neoprene + foam
Color: Purple/Army Green
Weight: 150g


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