The Grabber Pick Up Tool Makes Yard Cleanup Eeasier and Safer



Extendable Pick Up Tool

Long Reach Flexible Pick Up Tool


Yard clean up often requires putting your hands or arms into areas that you just don’t want to reach into… a prickly shrub, around dog poop or into a murky pond. Picking up rubbish from all around the yard is sometimes uncomfortable or even unsafe. The Reacher Grabber can help with all of these tasks making things safer, easier and even more fun!

It’s the perfect litter pick up tool!


Rubbish pick up from under a fence or grabbing debris from up in a tree will spare you unnecessary bending and stretching. How about reaching that bird feeder? The pickup tool is a long reach grabber you will often find helpful.

We have two different grabber tools to suit your needs. You can purchase  online here… Folding Reacher Grabber  or  Extendable Reacher Grabber

Benefits of the Trash Grabber:

  • SafetyWith the Grabber Claw, reaching into previously inaccessible spaces is easy.  Don’t try to climb or use unstable objects to get into high places.  Stay out of prickly bushes or bee-infested trees.  Use the Grabber!
  • EfficiencyThe Grabber is great for mass cleanups or yard pickups.  Its ease of use and effective design make picking up faster and more straightforward than ever before. The Grabber is perfect for riding lawnmowers.  Need to remove a branch or a children’s toy?  Use the Grabber, and never leave your seat.
  • Health: The Grabber eliminates needless bending over, stretching, and squatting. It is created in a variety of sizes so that it can be ordered to fit your personal needs.  Save your back and knees; use a reaching tool!
  • LongevityThe Grabber is commercially made. It will withstand the elements without rusting and is designed to do hours of hard manual labor.  This pick-up tool is made to last!
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