Microgreen Trays 12 Pack 1020 Mesh Bottom Flat Shallow for Growing Sprouting Seeds


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1. These mesh bottom seed trays are ideal for soil block propagation or for anyone that needs a tray with extra drainage. Our soil block trays are built with Extra-Strength so they won’t sag, break or warp even while transporting heavy loads.

Mesh bottom provides idea hydroponic solution for germination, microgreens, wheatgrass, fodder

Perfect for Seed Starts, Microgreens, wheatgrass, nursery & greenhouse use.

2. These trays are very durable and designed for repeated use. These 1020 growing trays/flats can be reused over and over again.

Mesh bottom drain holes make trough watering from below feasible. Once it has drained off after watering you can set the tray with holes into a tray without holes so you don’t drip water everywhere. You can nest this tray inside a tray without drain holes to use it as a drip tray.

3. OUR PROMISE TO YOU – We are so confident of the quality of our premium growing trays that we offer a lifetime manufacturer guarantee; if you are unhappy in any way we will replace your grow tray so these are the last ones you will ever need to buy.

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Made of safe, BPA free, non-leaching PP polypropylene #5 plastic.

  • Tray Dimensions: top (mouth) of tray – 21″x 10″ – (54 cm x 27 cm)
  • Tray Dimensions: bottom (base) of tray – 20″ x 9″ – (50 cm x 23 cm)
  • Tray Dimensions: depth: 2 3/8th” (60 mm)
  • 12-pack for bulk gardening, includes 12 pcs 1020 mesh bottom trays.

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