Vegetables grow better together with vanilla plants

Oct 25, 2022    By Begrit Tom Robert

Growing vegetables indoor is easy to grow worms due to insufficient light and poor ventilation. Vanilla and vegetables are excellent symbiotic plants. Planting vegetables with them can not only repel insects, but also grow better.

1. Cherry tomato+basil

They are not only good cooking partners, but also good symbiotic partners. Planting several basil trees near small tomatoes can not only increase each other’s taste, but also repel insects. The smell of basil can drive out some pests, and also make the tomato taste more delicious. The leaves of rice tomatoes can release the unpleasant smell of cabbage butterflies and cabbage caterpillars, and also help basil drive away insects.

2. Cabbage+dill

Chinese cabbage is the first choice for growing vegetables on the balcony. It is easy to grow insects and the sweet flowers of dill can attract parasitic wasps. The parasitic wasps are the natural enemies of cabbage caterpillars, aphids and beetles. Therefore, planting several dills beside Chinese cabbage can effectively reduce insect pests.

3. Green pepper+ marigold

A marigold plant beside green peppers can not only repel mosquitoes to a certain extent, but also emit a chemical substance to remove nematodes. This product is more likely to be attacked by nematodes than direct pesticide spraying. A good companion for our vegetables;

4. Cucumber+Eclipta

The flowers of Eclipta lactiflora will release a chemical substance that can drive away beetles eating cucumbers, aphids, whiteflies and other pests, and can promote its growth when planted with cucumbers. The flowers of eupatorium can also be used for salad.


eggplant is relatively easy to grow, and is also popular with balcony party. They want higher output of eggplant. You can plant a thyme nearby. The smell of thyme can drive away many pests, including mosquitoes

6. Pumpkin+Oregano

Pumpkin on the balcony is easy to grow aphids. The smell of oregano can drive away aphids or diamondback moths. It can be planted with most vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables and guggars.

7. Lettuce+Sesame+Chamomile

Sesame and lettuce are both leafy vegetables. They are easy to grow aphids when planted together. They can effectively prevent insects when planted together with chamomile with unique smell. Rice chamomile is also a “plant doctor” to improve soil. Its roots can increase calcium and potassium content.

8. Carrot+rosemary

Rosemary can avoid carrot flies and moth. Planting a pot of rosemary beside carrots can effectively reduce the diseases and pests of carrots.

Mixing vegetables with herbs can not only reduce pests and diseases, but also promote production, and also meet the family’s demand for special herbs.


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