About us

Brand nameBeGrit

SloganMore interesting outdoor life.

Brand story:

People’s yearning for a better life has never stopped. With the development of the economy, people have long been unable to meet their basic needs for living, food and clothing, and instead pursue a higher quality of life and a more exciting and interesting life. Driven by this pursuit, people have developed a variety of hobbies in life, when trying the outdoor recreations activities when you go to the wider outdoors such as camping hiking, kayaking, fishing, gardening, patio activities and etc.

Founded on 2015 and the supply center base in China, We can offer higher quality and more cost-effective products and services to meet the entry-level needs of these hobby activities; provide more professional help for people to live a more exciting and interesting life.

How it work?

Our product development experts have in-depth insights into consumer needs, carefully selecting and develop the high quality products for most beginner, integrating global superior supply chains, and providing higher-quality and more cost-effective products and services.