75% Reflective Aluminet Sun Shade Cloth Mesh Sunshade Ventilation Front & Rear Car Cover


  • High reflectivity shade cloth. Compared to black shade cloth, reflective aluminium shade cloth does not absorb heat and protects against 75% of the sun’s rays.
  • Knitted mesh design ensures air flow and ventilation, the perfect solution for keeping cool.
  • Reflective shade cloth to keep heat out of parked cars, dog kennels, camping, vegetable patches, patios and swimming pools…
  • Portable reflective shade cloth. It comes with a durable drawstring bag that ensures easy carrying and storage.
  • Multiple aluminium grommets, 1.6ft apart.
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It reflects the sun on hot summer to cool down your car, vegetable patch and kennel and keep it cool. Multiple size options, large enough to cover car windows.

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6.6ft * 6.6ft, 6.6ft * 10ft, 6.6ft * 14ft, 10ft * 16.6ft, 10ft * 20ft