Outdoor Misting System 33ft with 10 nozzles


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  • 【Creating a Natural Cooling Area】Our products provide a satisfying cooling effect, releasing you from the outdoor bad air conditions to enjoy the wonderful sight in hot summer, surrounding air temperatures can be reduced to 60℉/20℃ to the most degree.
  • 【Saving Energy and Water】Our product mist cooling system directly uses tap water for spray cooling without power consumption. Compared with manual watering, it can save at least 70% water used. Work more efficiently than the air humidification machine.
  • 【Easy to Set Up】Providing you with all the accessories you need, the installation is simple and can be finished within 10 minites. It can be widely used in various indoor or outdoor scenes, such as swimming pools, gardens, greenhouses, etc. It can not only cool down but also be used as a humidifier.
  • The outdoor patio mister is widely used in gardens, trampoline water parks, landscaping, greenhouses, humidification, outdoor cooling systems, swimming pool atomization cooling systems, etc. The misters for outside patio can directly use tap water for spray cooling, uniform atomization and wide spray area. It does not consume electricity, saves energy, is environmentally friendly and efficient, and saves water resources.
  • 33 ft hose with 10 nozzles, come with a bunch of zip ties.


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